Tips And Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Car

If you’re buying a used car, you want to spend your money wisely and avoid all of the traps, scams and lemons that give the trade a bad name. Whether you are dealing with a private seller or one of the car dealerships in Tupelo MS, here are some questions that are always worth asking before agreeing a purchase. They will help reveal more about the car and the person or dealer you’ll be buying it from.

How many miles does the vehicle have on it?

The mileage on the car should be disclosed upfront, but it’s worth asking the seller to check it matches the advertised figure and if they are evasive about it at all. More significantly, mileage affects the value of the car. If the mileage has changed by hundreds of miles, due to the car being driven to and from work every day while it’s up for sale, you should negotiate the price accordingly.

Has the car been serviced recently, and has it had any repairs done?

This answer can find you a great car. Just because a car has had work done doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with it. It can also be a sign the owner has kept the car up to date, serviced and repaired it and looked after it well without cutting corners. The way they answer the question will help you with that. If they let you have details about who did what work to the car, they are routine repairs and you’re confident that they’ve fixed the issue or damage, then recent work means less for you to spend upfront on maintaining the car.

Why are you selling the vehicle?

The answer to this may not be significant, but it’s good to know. Many sellers answer this question on impulse, without a prepared answer, and so you may learn about a problem with the car, or a reason why they wanted to replace it with a better one.

Can I come and test drive the car?

This is an important question to ask the seller by email or on the phone. A test drive is essential before you decide to buy a car. You’ll find out how well it runs, if it’s comfortable for you to sit in and drive and if there’s any deal-breaking features or problems with the car. Arranging a test drive also avoids the common online scam where you hand over money when there’s not even any car for sale or it doesn’t run.

Now that you have some questions to ask, it’s time to find some sellers. You could try one of the many car buying websites available online, but how do you know which is best? Another way is to use a desktop car finder service. There’s a free trial available on most of these, and they do the searching for you on hundreds of auto sites at once. Many of them let you get in touch with the seller via email, making it easy to ask them these questions.

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